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Business Analytics Supply Chain Analytics

Fact-Based, Actionable Insights for Improving Your Supply Chain

Business Intelligence Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics delivers deep customer insight into order and inventory data so you can make better decisions in each stage of the order lifecycle. Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics enables you to assess inventory levels, determine likely product fulfillment needs before the order has been booked, quickly identify potential order backlog issues, and stay on top of critical accounts receivable (A/R) and daily sales outstanding (DSO) issues. By leveraging actionable and fact-based insights, you can transform your current Supply Chain and Order Management processes to improve financial performance and customer satisfaction


  • Better Business Performance - Improve revenue recognition with faster order to booking conversion and fewer bottlenecks in the order to cash cycle
  • Better Order Fulfillment - Improve inventory management for those products that consistently fall into backlog due to a lack of appropriate stock levels
  • Better Inventory Management - Gain visibility into inventory activities to minimize unnecessary expenditures and optimize inventory to conserve working capital

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